Tuners, plug-ins, and piggybacks can improve your BMW's performance. You can boost acceleration, sub the throttle-by-wire system for something better, and gain more power. Other tweaks improve drivability and flexibility. You should use a BMW tuner for specific improvements to avoid over-tuning. Tuning also requires high-performance parts to maximize performance and safety. Here are three popular tuners and plug-ins for BMW cars:

1. Engine Tuners and Plug-Ins

When considering performance tuners, car owners are more likely to think about their cars' engines first. Your engine can give more output and power with a few tweaks. Engine tuners are chips that adjust your ECM parameters for safe horsepower and torque boosts. BMW engine tuning is done in stages involving small adjustments. 

The last tuning phase leaves your car with significantly improved performance and power. You can find many car tuning software developed by different brands. Choose power flash tuners and performance controllers from reputable BMW auto companies with premium, high-performance software. Engine tune-ups may also involve checkups to diagnose and replace bad spark plugs, wires, filters, and distributor caps. 

If you are planning on getting an engine tune-up, it is smart to work with a BMW mechanic that can work with you from beginning to end. The mechanic can help diagnose all engine systems, adjust system parameters, install chips, and check emission levels, coolant hoses, fuel lines, and serpentine belts. The goal is to optimize the engine for the new changes in torque and horsepower. Engine tuning should result in smooth power and quality rides. 

2. Suspension Tuners and Plug-Ins

Nearly all car performance tuning involves suspension adjustments, which impact ride quality and safety. Engine tuning puts more pressure on your suspension system, which must be able to handle the increased horsepower. Suspension tuning involves reinforcing and replacing various components for better shock absorption, acceleration, turning, and braking. Your existing suspension system is optimized for current settings and will not be sufficient after engine tuning.

The suspension system features springs and dampers (shocks). The springs help control the cabin and suspension load and height, while dampers absorb kinetic energy impulses. Your car emits and transmits impulses when the tires contact the road. The impulses differ when accelerating, braking, turning, or driving over a bump. When you boost engine performance and output, you will need more efficient springs and dampers for better control.

You can find complete suspension kits for your BMW or you can simply change specific components. Expert BMW mechanics can help with the engine and suspension tuning to optimize the relationship between the springs, dampers, and anti-roll bar. Suspension tuning also optimizes bushing deflection and suspension geometry. 

3. Body Tuners and Plug-Ins

After tuning your car's engine and adjusting the suspension, you can still do more work on your car's body. Body tuners and plug-ins enhance performance under different conditions while also creating unique aesthetics. They also complement engine and suspension tune-ups. Experienced BMW mechanics that specialize in sports, track, and fast cars can perform more body tweaks for an efficient, visually-impressive BMW.

You can swap various car parts, including the heat exchanger, exhaust, tires, seats, steering, braking system, and AC. The heat exchange unit needs adjustments to keep your engine and fluids under optimal operating temperatures. Exhaust systems also regulate airflow differently during high and low RPM, which can affect performance and safety. Your BMW mechanic can help you find efficient exhaust systems and parameters optimized for the new torque and output.

Wheel and tire changes can improve braking and performance under different weather conditions. You can also choose more sporty or aesthetic designs to personalize the exterior. Body changes can enhance safety and make driving even more fun. Make sure that as you make these changes, your existing systems are protected from premature breakdowns caused by changed engine operation parameters. Working with a BMW tuning specialist is a definite way to make sure this happens.

Find the Best BMW Tuner

Installing premium BMW tuner software and high-quality parts in your BMW can really enhance performance. While engine tune-ups tend to be the most popular enhancement, suspension and body adjustments can increase performance just as much. If you want a BMW tune-up, find an auto shop with proven software, parts, and services.