Hairline tattoos have become a great way to combat hair loss. This form of treatment has long-lasting results that give the scalp the appearance of a fresh buzz cut. Before you go through the process of getting a hairline tattoo, here are a few things you should know: 

What Is a Hairline Tattoo? 

A hairline tattoo is also known as scalp micropigmentation, which is a form of permanent cosmetic makeup. It is intended to restore your hairline by creating a visual of small hair follicles or short hair stubble. The results can drastically improve the appearance of a receding hairline or overall hair loss.

What Does the Treatment Process Look Like?

If you have decided to get a scalp tattoo, the first step of the process is to schedule a consultation. During this consultation, a specialist will assess your hair loss and the details of your particular situation. They can then guide you through the best treatment options available to you. Whether it be a new hairline, a full-looking buzz cut, or creating a more natural look, a practitioner will help you at the beginning of the process. 

After your initial consultation, you can book a time to receive the treatment. There are various lengths of treatment, depending on the individual factors of your hair loss. You will get a customized treatment plan. Treatment plans can start off with two to three sessions that are scheduled ten to two weeks apart. This allows your scalp to adjust to the micropigmentation between appointments.

Each session can create more dimension to the appearance of small hair follicles on your scalp. Session lengths vary but are typically between the two to the four-hour range. 

Once your customized treatment plan is complete, your hairline tattoo should last between four to six years before a touch-up is needed. Touch-up appointments are typically shorter, depending on the amount of fading that has happened. Typically, the micropigmentation fading is minimal.

Can I Change My Hairline With a Scalp Tattoo?

Yes, you can completely change your hairline with a hairline tattoo. When going in for a consultation, you can ask your practitioner about the hairline. If you had a hairline you liked prior to hair loss, you could show your practitioner pictures of how it looked. Others may want to change their hairline to something different. Practitioners can show you the different options you have. A new hairline can give you a completely different look. 

Other Things To Know About Scalp Micropigmentation

Here are other items to consider before getting a scalp tattoo: 

Cost: The cost of scalp micropigmentation varies on the level of hair loss you experience. It can also depend on the facility you choose to book your appointments with. Generally, scalp tattoos cost between $2,000-$4,000. During your consultation, your practitioner should be able to give you an estimate of how much your customized treatment could be.   

Post-Treatment: After you go through your treatment, there is no downtime to worry about. You can go on to do your regular activities and easily resume work.

There are a few things to avoid after treatment. Activities that cause heavy sweating should be avoided for 4-5 days so that the moisture doesn't interfere with the pigment. It is also recommended that you avoid shaving, scrubbing, or shampooing your scalp for about 4-5 days after treatment. Much like the aftercare instructions for a regular tattoo, saunas, pools, tanning beds, and steam rooms should be avoided for at least 28 days after treatment. 

Existing Scars: Scalp micropigmentation may be helpful in minimalizing the appearance of scars caused by transplants. Practitioners can help blend the scars and the scalp tattoo for an even appearance. The micro-needle used in micropigmentation should not cause scarring like other hair loss treatments. 

Should I Get a Hairline Tattoo?

If you have experienced hair loss and prefer the look of hair, scalp tattoos may be right for you. Hairline tattoos are made for those who have no hair, are starting to lose hair, or who would like the appearance of a buzz cut. Both men and women can receive scalp micropigmentation. Also, no matter your hair color or skin color, hair tattoos can work for you. To learn more about a hairline tattoo, contact a scalp micropigmentation specialist near you.