Installing hidden frame glass doors helps improve a home's curb appeal. Many homeowners prefer them because they create a smooth transition between outdoor and indoor spaces. Despite these doors' impressive qualities, some people worry about how safe they are. Hidden frame glass doors are designed by professionals to be safe and secure.

Glass Doors Safety Concerns

If you already have glass doors and you'd like to analyze their safety features, start by checking the state of the door for possible security problems. Signs that show that the door is not protected include: 

Loose Locks : Many glass doors come with a latching lock that can only be accessible from the inside. The lock has a metal hook that slides into the door's frame. The latch attachment may begin to slip once it loosens, failing to hook correctly.

Aging Track : Rust, debris, and dirt may pile under the door track, making it hard to slide. With time, a door that doesn't have a clear grip will be easy to pull out of its track.

Poor Visibility : Most glass doors are installed at the side or back of a house, which means they are mainly hidden from view. Burglars can easily access the door without a sensory alarm or proper lighting.

If you notice any of these issues, a contractor or glass door specialist can help you install a new lock, new track, or an automated security light system.

Tips for Securing Glass Doors

Every homeowner wants to improve the security of their doors to keep unwanted visitors and burglars at bay. Here are helpful tips to make hidden frame glass doors safe and secure:

Upgrade Your Lock System

Most glass doors come with a simple latch that acts like a lock. A determined thief can easily undo this latching mechanism with several simple rattles and shakes of the glass door. 

Installing a heavy-duty lock at the top or bottom of the door will help fortify the existing lock. Engage both locks when leaving the house or when retiring for the evening. Purchase aftermarket key locks designed specifically for glass doors. 

Add a window film to block the intruder's view of the inside of your home. Another option would be installing vertical blinds or basic curtains over the door to obstruct the view inside your home when you're not around. 

Block the Tracks

One of the easiest ways to protect glass doors is to add a security bar on the track. Add a rod or wooden dowel at the bottom of the track when you're not using the door. 

This simple trick makes it impossible to slide the door open from the outside by simply pulling it. It also helps keep the doors safe and secure if the locks fail. 

Clean the track once every season. When leaves, dirt, and stones gather below the door, it's much easier to knock the door off its track.

Install an Alarm or Camera

Installing a security camera above the glass door may deter an intruder altogether. Security cameras send warning signals to your mobile device, and some let you talk to the thief.

Adding an alarm system to your glass doors is an option that will give you peace of mind if you are mainly concerned about intruders. The system will immediately warn you if an intruder or unwelcome guest tries to gain forceful entry. 

Alarm systems can be in the form of security cameras or sensor lights. They work by beeping every time the door is forced open. Some get triggered if someone or something breaks the glass.

Use Top-quality Glass

Invest in doors made of high-quality glass. Different glass types have different strengths and textures. The difference in quality keeps your household safe by improving the strength level of the door. 

High-quality glass doors are a valuable investment when securing a home. Many homeowners prefer laminated glass because of its tensile strength. 

Laminated glass has multiple layers that keep it intact even after suffering damage. The glass is a great choice for many because of the inability to shatter and break from the frame, which helps to prevent break-ins.

Buy Hidden Frame Glass Doors

High-quality hidden frame glass doors can improve your home security. Find a company that provides custom hidden frame glass door designs to match your home project. They should have experts who can recommend which security measures to use to keep your home safe. 

Prioritize a company that offers all the beauty of glass doors, coupled with unmatched defense features. While there are ways to clean, inspect, or upgrade your glass doors, an expert can take a look if you have serious concerns.